Celebrating 35 Years
of Trading Business in Qatar


  • What We Are ?

    The Building Material Division was established in 1982 and is trading in all kind of building material. The Building Material Division has emerged as a key business sector for the group, thus defining a planned and vigorous expansion in this field. They intend to build on thier position of leadership with trust by dealing in world-class products and providing the best services for their customers. The reason for SATCO's good reputation and strong standing in market is the quality of their products and unmatchable delivery of services.

  • We Believe

    In creating a work place where people at all levels of the organization assume full responsibility for the quality, productivity and creativity of their work. An environment in which every worker feels involved and committed to the success of the business.SATCO International today is one of the Qatar’s fastest growing multi-activity group with a combined turn over of more than Qrs. 100 million. The group is a major player in several key business area such as

    • Trading of Electrical Materials (Accessories, Fixtures, appliances such as Water Pumps, Generators, Water Heaters etc..)
    • Building Materials and Roofing/Insulation Materials
    • Construction Chemicals and Contractual Works of Waterproofing
    • Civil Construction and Maintenance
    • Thermal Insulation and Screeding
    • Air Conditioning Works, painting, Drainage and Sewerage
    • Suppliers of Food Stuff materials, marble and Granite Suppliers and Contractors

  • Our Presence in Qatar - Our Pride

    Situated in Doha, It is not only in the heart of Qatar, but very near to Dolomite our work too.

  • Our Commitment - To Quality

    The competitive strength of the company should be measured not by volume of sales or level of technology, but by the extent of involvement of employees in the quality improvement process. Satco International has always placed the highest premium on customer satisfaction through quality of work maintained at every stage of our work and service.

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Head of Department

Mr Saed Mohd Albu Saed Al Khayareen


Mr Niyaz Kannukarath

General Manager - Trading Division

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